World-class BARN CASTER


Who We Are

each guitar i made is unique, handmade by myself with its own imperfections and rareness.

it’s time to share some crazy barn-casters

Almost twenty years ago I started repainting my own guitars just to give them a unique look. I begun with some classic fine paint jobs. After some experimental paintings and few crazy cuts to modify the guitar bodies, one day I decided to create my own guitar body from scratch.

I have to admit, making a full guitar (body and neck) from scratch with  my own cutting design was pretty hard, specially with no professional tools. After few failing attempts and expending A LOT of money buying new tools I finally created a totally playable intonated guitar. 

“Acquiring unique things it’s always cool”

After I finally reached my goal, of creating my own guitar desing I decided to make something different. Being so related to barns made me fell deeply in love with barncasters.

I started experimenting with few guitars, friends became really interested on buying them. After I sold few and also gave away a couple for free I decided to publish some bodies on ebay. People really like them so 50 sold guitars later here we are. If you are interested on one of my guitars, I can assure you that each guitar is unique. I personally made each one of them, I’m not a machine, I’m a musician, I’m a guitar player, I’m a guitar maker… I’m Jorge Ibarra.